Hardwood Chip Wholesale & Biomass Fuel

Kiln-Dried Firewood

High-satisfactory kiln-dried firewood with a moisture content of under 20%. This conventional, perennially-popular product provides cease customers an excellent burning enjoy and is familiar to billions of humans all over the global. We can supply you with outstanding wholesale firewood made from either very wellor birch.


Bark Briquettes

High-best, lengthy-burning biomass briquettes made from softwood bark. With their long burn time, low moisture content material, and slight warmth output, bark briquettes are a super addition to conventional firewood and briquette fuels.


Heat Logs

Clean burning, low-moisture log-shaped briquettes with extra-excessive heat output levels. Thanks to their excessive electricity density or even higher warmness output, warmness logs are a modern timber heating solution this is turning into an increasing number of famous with clients all around the global. They are crafted from 100% chemical-unfastened birch sawdust.


Pini Kay Logs

Convenient, warm-burning briquettes with a no-roll form and special outer layer that stops them from converting their form as they burn. This top class pleasant, low moisture product is popular with customers who value consolation and comfort. Our pini kay logs are crafted from a aggregate of hardwood and softwood sawdust.


RUF Briquettes

Clean burning, smooth-to-mild briquettes crafted from a hundred% chemical-loose hardwood sawdust. RUF briquettes are famous all around the world because of their comfort and excessive heat output.


Wood Wool Fire Starters

wholesale wood fuel Large, long-burning hearth starters crafted from top class timber wool dipped in herbal wax. Easy to mild, odorless, and with a burn time of up to ten minutes, those wooden wool firelighters are the first-class and most handy way to begin a fire.


Kiln-Dried Wood Kindling

Premium first-rate, smooth-to-light wooden kindling. The product is made from softwood tree species, reduce to a uniform duration, and kiln-dried to moisture ranges of underneath 20%.


Lumpwood Charcoal

High-quality, chemical-free, restaurant-grade lumpwood charcoal. This a hundred% herbal product lighting faster, burns warmer, and leaves much less ash than chemical-weighted down charcoal briquettes. In tandem with its ease of hearth temperature manipulate and lack of any chemical smells, those residences make lumpwood charcoal a perfect choice for BBQ lovers.