What is so special about a Glock?

A Glock 19 may be made with the equal cloth in first rate going for walks shoes


According to Glock, the “plastic” body cloth is a mystery cloth referred to as Polymer 2. That seems to be a advertising and marketing call for something like Dupont’s Glass-Reinforced Zytel® Nylon, a strong and sturdy polymer that resists put on. But that’s only a rumor and Glock nevertheless isn’t talking.


Assuming they are fabricated from Zytel, Glock 19 frames are in true organisation. Sprinter Michael Johnson wore track shoes made of Zytel to win gold medals inside the 200m and 400m activities on the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. I changed into there, and that guy become simply motoring. It ought to have been the shoes.


It’s fabricated from very few components


Buying gun online The cutting-edge Glock 19 has exactly 34 components. The original Glock turned into constructed to meet the demands of an Austrian army contract, which distinct a layout of no more than fifty eight factor elements. Might this be the first time in recorded history that a undertaking got here in under finances?


Mick Jagger almost were given satisfaction with a Glock 19 from the destiny


You may not don’t forget the film “Freejack,” but I do best due to the fact Mick Jagger changed into in it. In this futuristic flick, the Glock 19 made one of its first film appearances whilst utilized by Emilio Estevez gambling the part of Alex Furlong. Mick Jagger didn’t get to use that Glock 19, however he did hearth an M1919 machine gun, which was possibly more amusing anyway.


The 19 has made lots of appearances somewhere else. Angelina Jolie used a Glock 19 while playing the part of suburban bride and extremely good-spy Jane in the 2005 movie “Mr. And Mrs. Smith.” She used it inside the KostMart scene and later blows the axle off a BMW with the compact 9mm.


In a extra severe function, a British non-public army contractor carries a 2d era Glock 19 within the Academy Award winning 2009 film, “The Hurt Locker.” On the small display, David Duchovny (Agent Fox Mulder) from “The X-Files” switches to a Glock 19 partway via season one. I constantly cherished that display. For unknown motives, Agent Mulder switched to a Sig Sauer P226 in later seasons.