Physical Therapy Marketing Without a Referral

In New York State, you can get treatment for physical therapy without a referral. You can even do your marketing without a referral for ten visits or 30 days. Direct Access is a great opportunity to save time and money, and it can help you begin your recovery faster. Here are some tips to promote your new physical therapy business. Use these tips to improve your blog’s visibility. Listed below are a few of these strategies.

Build a following on social media. Create a Facebook page, a website, and a blog. Your Facebook page is your first and perhaps most important interaction with potential customers. Make sure you project a welcoming, knowledgeable personality that is an expert in your field. Before you post anything, ask yourself these three questions: “What do I want my patients to know?” Then pair your posts with a picture. People are more likely to share photos than text, so take the time to find unique pictures.

Email marketing can help you stay top of mind for potential patients. You can send newsletters to your list that feature practice updates and special events. MailChimp is a popular free email marketing tool that can be set up by a physical therapist. This can be effective for your practice’s Facebook presence. Moreover, 11% of the population moves each year. Keeping in mind that, while most people trust personal recommendations, online reviews are often more trustworthy than personal recommendations.

Collect emails. You can easily send emails to your existing clients and past patients. You can also use an email marketing tool to generate new clients. You can sign up for MailChimp free of charge to start an email marketing campaign. You should also create an account on ConvertKit if you want to do it on a large scale. You can then use these emails to send out emails to potential clients. Once you’ve collected the names and email addresses of your past patients, you can start sending newsletters.

Besides the internet, you can also use a Facebook page to promote your physical therapy business. Your Facebook page will be your first interaction with potential customers. It is important to be friendly and approachable, as you want to establish a good image for your brand. You can also post photos of your clinic’s services. It’s a good idea to include a photo with each post to attract more people. By using pictures, your potential customers will feel more comfortable with your physical therapy business.

Aside from a website, physical therapy businesses can use email newsletters to reach their target population. Emails sent to these patients can provide important information, such as appointment reminders or loyalty discounts. Besides using email newsletters, physical therapists can also send email alerts to their subscribers to let them know about your latest events. For instance, they can also send out newsletters featuring their services. By creating an email newsletter, they can promote their services and stay in touch with each other.