Pest Control Services For Residential

Nontoxic Flea Traps

Nontoxic flea traps are to be had commercially. These traps are less expensive and really effective, offering top notch flea manage with out poisonous chemicals. Simply plug the trap into an electrical outlet: the entice’s warmth and mild will appeal to fleas 24 hours an afternoon.


Diatomaceous Earth

For long-time period dependable termite control in port st. lucie manipulate of fleas, sprinkle diatomaceous earth in which fleas can also arise. You also can rub diatomaceous earth into the fur of your cat or dog.



Bathe and comb your pet regularly. Use mild soap, now not pesticides. If fleas are discovered on the comb, dip the comb in a pitcher of soapy water.


Citrus for Dogs

Citrus is a herbal flea deterrent. Pour a cup of boiling water over a sliced lemon. Include the lemon skin, scored to launch extra citrus oil. Let this mixture soak in a single day, and sponge for your canine to kill fleas right away. Do no longer use citrus oil on cats.


Pet Food Supplements

Add brewer’s yeast and garlic, or apple cider vinegar, on your pets’ meals. However, it’s now not really helpful to apply uncooked garlic as a meals complement for cats.



Cedar shampoo, cedar oil, and cedar-crammed drowsing mats are commercially available. Cedar repels many insects which include fleas.



Fleas within the carpet? The carpet have to be thoroughly vacuumed specially in low site visitors regions, underneath furnishings, and many others. Put flea powder in the vacuum cleaner bag to kill any fleas that you vacuum up, and placed the bag in an out of doors garbage bin.


DIY Flea Trap

Trap fleas in your house the use of a wide, shallow pan half of-filled with soapy water. Place it on the floor and shine a lamp over the water. Fleas will leap to the heat of the lamp and land in the water. The detergent breaks the surface tension, stopping the flea from bouncing out.



In the yard or garden, plant fleabane (Fleabane Daisy Erigeron speciosus) to repel fleas. This is an annual developing 16-24″ tall with violet, daisy like plants.



The first line of defense towards mosquitos is to seal their point of entry. Mosquitos are maximum active within the early morning and early night. They are seeking regions of nevertheless air due to the fact they’re hampered with the aid of breezes. Close the home windows and doors on the side of your house opposite the breeze.