Madonna made some buzz in 2012 when she referenced “Molly” at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival. Madonna yelled to the crowd, “The number of individuals in the group have seen Molly?” Madonna was discussing the tune “Have You Seen Molly?” by Cedric Gervais. Be that as it may, “Molly” is additionally a moniker for MDMA. Numerous media sources detailed that the unbelievable pop artist was discussing drugs, not the tune.

Madonna answered by saying, “I don’t uphold drug use and I won’t ever have.”

About Molly

We were glad to hear that Madonna doesn’t urge her fans to utilize MDMA, since it’s an extremely risky medication. MDMA buy mdma online is synthetic like the energizer methamphetamine. It’s normally utilized at dance clubs and shows, and can cause individuals to feel like they have more energy and less dread. Yet, the fantasies about MDMA it are certainly not consistent with be unadulterated and safe.