Introduction to Product Photography for Beginners

Set up your background.

Getting the right history no longer simplest keeps the focus at the product you’re photographing, but it also enables simplify the editing manner whilst it comes time for put up-production. Try the usage of a white or light backdrop, as this could make it easier to take away unwanted items and retouch images.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a elaborate backdrop to get the best shot. There are a pair less costly options with a purpose to do the activity:


Shooting table

Professional Headshot Photography If you’re going to have numerous photoshoots, you might need to order a white sweep off of Amazon. But if you want to move the homemade route, you can make your personal chair-installed sweep the use of a roll of white craft paper.

All you have to do is push the lower back of the chair in opposition to a wall and tape the craft paper on the wall above the chair, permitting it to fall to the floor. This will create a clean transition between the vertical and horizontal planes every time you position your product at the chair.

Or, every other choice is to clamp the sweep to the pinnacle of the chair and allow the paper to drape down the chair, if you want to create the identical seamless impact.

However, for large merchandise consisting of furnishings, you’ll want to spend money on a stand-hooked up sweep just like the one beneath. Or, you can use the identical method because the chair-installed sweep by way of taping white craft paper to the wall.


Light tent

Another less expensive alternative for a backdrop is to build your own light tent, in any other case called a lightbox. This is a wireframe box with translucent partitions which facilitates create an calmly dispensed mild around the object in attention.

To make your personal, you’ll need a plastic garage container, located on its facet with the lid off.

Next, cowl the bottom — and all of the different aspects, in case you’re looking a more lightly dispensed light — with white paper.

Lastly, place an synthetic mild on both aspect of the field, or really use natural light from a nearby window in case you’re working on a finances.