How much does an EPC cost?

We consider how many doors you have got and whether the ones doorways are insulated.  We look at how a good deal glazing you have and whether or not it’s miles single, double or triple glazed.  If it’s double glazed we don’t forget what year it become mounted, double glazing set up from 2002 onwards is lots extra efficient than glazing geared up earlier than then.

If it was fitted before 2002 then we bear in mind the body kind (metal, p.C or timber) and the distance among the panes of glass.

We also study how a lot draught proofing is in place.

Ventilation & Lighting

We look at how many fireplaces the belongings has and whether these are open, we additionally look for any mechanical ventilation or cooling systems which can be in region.

We rely the amount of mild fittings and at the identical time we be counted how many of these have low energy bulbs in vicinity.

Heating Systems

How do you warmness your house?  If you operate a conventional boiler then we remember how green that boiler is.Modern condensing boilers get the very best efficiency ratings.

We don’t forget how the warmth is sent (radiators, underfloor) and the way that warmness is controlled.  Properties which have a room thermostat, thermostatic radiator valves and a heating timer will rating  highest.

If your property has multiple heating machine then this is additionally taken into consideration as well as any secondary warmers inclusive of a fuel or electric powered fires inside the reception rooms.


How do you warmth your water?  Do you have a mixture boiler or a warm water cylinder?  If it’s a cylinder then how big is it?  Is it insulated?  Does it have a thermostat?  We then don’t forget how many tub/bathe rooms are in the belongings, how lots of these have baths, showers or each?

We also study different options for water heating which can be in region. valid Energy Performance Certificate These include solar water heating, waster water warmth restoration structures (WWHRS) and flue gasoline heat healing structures (FGHRS).

Before the Energy performance certificates assessor involves your house, it’s a very good concept to spend some time getting things in a proper sequence. By investing some time and effort into raising your EPC score, you can make sure that your property achieves the very best stage of performance for its kind and age. Of path, you will be not able to repair the whole thing, but in case you make some minor changes (which includes loft insulation, draught-proofing and electricity green lighting fixtures), you’ll be rewarded with a better EPC rating.