Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Review (Updated 2022)

The Dyson launched recently an amazing vacuum with a lot of powers and sucking quality called Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute. So, today we are going to review this one.

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Dyson’s vacuums have long been industry-leading in regards to style, portability and functionality. The Dyson V10 indicates the company re-thinking its lauded wireless form factor and refining its cyclone technology to attain stronger suction than ever before.

You may thank Dyson’s new V10 digital engine for that — an extremely impressive feat of technology that is effective at 125,000 rpm (that is over 2,000 revolutions per minute), up from 108,000 rpm around the V8.

It’s so convinced by the apparatus’s sucking powers that it has completely stopped developing corded vacuums going forward.

That’s a fairly major call when you think about the number of corded vacuums it sells, which in the top includes versions like the impressive Dyson Cinetic Big Ball.

Nevertheless, this new stick vacuum is not cheap — You’ll be able to pick up the Dyson V10 in a couple of distinct versions, depending on which you’re located: the US and Australia receive the deluxe Total + model which has a complete set of attachments (and a nifty orange extension tube). That is priced at $699 (AU$999).

In the UK, the deluxe version with six additional tools is known as the Dyson Cyclone V10 Total Clean, and contains a red extension tube and cyclones.

The mid-sized Animal version, which has a purple expansion tube and cyclones, will set you back $599 (Number 399 / / AU$899). In the UK, the mid-range model is the Total, which includes an orange tubing and just 4 extra tools (probably why the name lacks a’+’ in the end).

That version is priced at $499 — the same price point that the Dyson V8 launched with.

Together with its technological progress, the Dyson Cyclone V10 sports a number of other improvements that just make sense.

The first thing you’ll see is that its different sections are positioned in entirely different manner to preceding V-series models.

For instance, the V10 features a front-facing barrel, which all attachments currently connect to straight.

Behind the barrel sits the apparatus’s enlarged cyclone array (using 14 chambers in total), followed by the new V10 digital engine — the smallest, and cleverest, the business has engineered.

Dyson V10 Design

Along with its technological progress, the Dyson Cyclone V10 sports a number of other developments that just make sense.

The very first thing you’ll notice is that its various sections are positioned in entirely different way to preceding V-series models.

As an example, the V10 features a front-facing barrel, which attachments now connect to directly.

Underneath the barrel sits the device’s expanded cyclone array (using 14 chambers in total), followed by the new V10 digital motor — the smallest, and smartest, the company has ever engineered.

In fact, it’s reported to be so smart, that it can detect factors like altitude, air pressure and temperature in order to adjust itself for greater efficacy. Dyson says it even knows the difference between a table and a floor.

Even though it generates 20% more suction than the V8’s engine, it is half the size and weighs just 125g (0.27 pounds).

In the very back end, you’ll come across that the V10’s filter, which you can now remove with one easy counter-clockwise twisting motion, which makes it easier to wash. An LED indicator on the base of this unit will allow you to know if it’s time for a wash, too.

With all of the many elements of this vacuum now arranged in an in-line format, the V10 accomplishes a more direct air-flow route than some of its predecessors, and that the company claims allows for much greater suction efficacy.

The V10 also boasts a 40% larger bin capacity than the V8, using a redesigned ‘point and shoot’ draining mechanism that makes it so much easier to transfer dust and rubbish into a garbage receptacle or plastic tote.

The one drawback to getting a front-facing bin would be that you’ll finally have to eliminate any attachments whenever you would like to empty the apparatus — although chances are you’re already doing that anyway and never realized.

Launch the bin is as simple as pushing the red release valve below the unit, which slides the whole bin in the procedure and expels any contents inside.

A flexible rubber lip on the inside of the bin prevents almost all dust and debris from getting into the rear of the bin, however we’ve discovered that when dirt does slip past, it still get pushed out during the emptying process.

Following the trend it began with the V8, Dyson has banished attachment release buttons from the V10, preferring to set them to the accessories .

This makes it significantly easier to detach vacuum heads and expansion tubes in one swift movement, though it does mean that all accessories introduced ahead of the V8 will be incompatible.

Due to its digital engine and 14-cyclone range, the Dyson Cyclone V10 sucks big time. We don’t mean that in a negative sense — that is really a huge compliment from the vacuum universe.

In the weeks we have had to put V10 through its paces, we’ve found it to perform incredibly well in virtually every dry vacuuming scenario — using just a couple of exceptions. Thankfully, the Absolute+ model we tested had the attachment tools for each of these scenarios.

The Direct Drive attachment is the standard vacuum head which you will likely receive the most ordinary use from, though our favorite tool needs to function as Soft Roller Cleaner Head, which is effective at picking up bigger pieces of debris such as puppy kibble, cereal, cat litter and more.

Other awesome thing in this vacuum is the Mini Motorized Tool, which is excellent for vacuuming on stairs or upholstery, the pointed Rigid Crevice Tool, which lets you vacuum deep into cracks and corners, along with the Flexi Crevice Tool, that includes and hose. This one’s especially useful for if you want to vacuum within confined spaces, like the inside of a car.

As is seemingly unavoidable with rod vacuums, we did encounter a few blockages on occasion. We found that cells and wrappers would often cause the V10 to jam up, together with the sole solution being the immediate removal of said obstruction.

You understand that additional energy we were talking about earlier? We weren’t kidding — the Dyson Cyclone V10 is as strong as any corded vacuum the company has released so far.

Your use of each will likely be regulated by the surface (or stain) you are cleaning, and how much charge your unit is holding (which you can gauge on the LED indicator whenever it’s in use).

Thankfully, the V10 has a far more energy-dense battery compared to its predecessors, which means that now you can vacuum for up to 60 minutes on the lowest setting. That setting was generally greater than strong enough to lift any dirt we place in front of it. Maximum power provides incredible suction (we put our hands up to the vacuum head and were astounded by how powerful it had been — enough so we’d firmly suggest not trying this at home), though sadly this setting will completely drain the battery after roughly five minutes of usage.

It is our view that the V10’s moderate power setting, which will provide you around half an hour of constant usage, is that the one you’ll be using the majority of the time, with the maximum setting booked for little vacuuming sessions as well as these events where you have stubborn dirt trapped in your rugs or carpeting.

The new and improved battery also means quicker recharge times, taking about 3.5 hours to go from a completely flat battery to a complete charge.


The Dyson V10 is very powerful, superbly designed and delivers exceptional cleaning on any surface. Where this new model stands out is just how long time you get at this prodigious level of cleaning power. In suction mode 2, with a motorised tool attached, we have over 23 minutes of cleaning operation that was up there together, or eclipsed, many mains-powered vacuums. Switch to Max mode and you receive genuine deep-down carpet cleaning. We’d still enjoy the option of a swappable battery, however, the V10 is the first cordless cleaner that can genuinely replace a propane cleaner in the majority of homes.

So If you really want an awesome cleaning vacuum for your home this is the best choice for you. This vacuum cleaner defeated many vacuums because of its amazing specifiactions, functions and many more which you read above.

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