Creating a Sitemap – The First Step in the SEO Process

Until recently, the number of SEO firms was fewer than one hundred in the US alone. As of 2009, Google is the dominant search engine in the global market, with 92% market share. While this market share has decreased considerably over time, it still remains high enough for any site to obtain a top ranking in search results for valuable terms. However, the algorithm that determines search engine results has changed significantly since then, with user-specific elements like language being increasingly important.

To improve your website’s visibility, the first step is to create a sitemap, which helps Google understand your website’s content and make it easier for the search engines to recommend it. Understanding your target audience will help you perform keyword research and find ways to provide them with an enjoyable experience. Creating a sitemap will make this process easy. If your SEO team doesn’t know your target audience, they can’t effectively provide relevant content.

SEO should begin by identifying your target audience. This will help you perform keyword research and identify ways to offer a great experience. You should also create a sitemap that displays the hierarchy of pages and the content for each page. This will help you optimize your site for a particular search engine. Once you’ve created a sitemap, you can start optimizing it. The process will be more effective if you have the right strategy and focus on what your target audience is looking for.